I have written three novels under the pen name Evelyn Beverley.
They form The Elements trilogy:
Alchemy, Chemistry, Biology.

These are adult thrillers. Characters make choices that drive
them together, cause unanticipated reactions and precipitate
long term consequences.

Alchemy has been published.

Find it here:
Alchemy by Evelyn Beverley
here is the actual address:
The other two, Chemistry and Biology, await a publisher. My
wonderful publisher, Double Dragon, has changed strategies,
making Chemistry and Biology outside their guildelines, and
the books are not structured in a way that invites easy
You can read Chemistry and Biology for free,
but you will need the URL address from me first.

All work is fully copyright by myself, and no parts can
be used or excerpted except with my written

To get the link, please fill out the form (pls. click
below), include an email address and I will email you
the URL.

If you are a publisher, please express your interest
and I will follow your formatting guidelines and
formally submit the MSs.