Water Colour Paintings
Portraits 'n Stuff
Artist Statement
Portraits and Other Work


The Artist at 45
Self Portrait in Miniature 4 x 6 in
Oil on Gessoed box board


Self Portrait; The Artist at 32
Oil on unstreched Canvas 22 x 32 in

A Big Smile
Portrait of the Artist's Son Age 4
Acrylic on board 22 x 32

Untitled Portrait
Oil on Canvas 24 x 36 in

A Youth in Four
Oil on four miniature canvases. 4 x 4 in each
Each image is from slightly different angle, but the human brain blends them together into a whole.

The Artist as Hermes the Trickster
Acrylic on three canvas panels 18 x 26 in

The Musician
My first portrait, a student work.
Oil on unstreached canvas 24 x 36 in

Abstracts and Miscellany

Maelstrom 4
Oil on paper 20 x 19 in

Oil on Canvas 10 x 14 in

In Pat's Garden
Acrylic on board, 32 x 22 in


The Storm Inside 2
Watercolour on paper
The Companion piece, The Storm Inside 1,
was lost in the Peterborough ON flood of 2004

Dance Naked
Acrylic on Canvas
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