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Artist Statement
Artist's Statement

From the Maelstrom
turning ceaselessly through the Artist
the Art Seeks to rend
Moments of Absolute Stillness.

My work is autobiographical, but not necessarily personal.
It is possible that my larger role as an artist is to capture
those moments of the light and beauty that are around us
but we cannot see while our focus is elsewhere.
Time will tell. 

Where does the Art come from?

Edward Hopper wrote
"The Man is the art. Something does not come from Nothing."

Then how is this to happen?
Must the Artist be first self made? That work is never done. Rather the Artist needs only to work honestly.
The Artist works and works honestly; honest work invites creativity;
from creativity genius emerges like a shy child, and the Artist is in the dream state.

The Artist cannot live this dream and emerge unchanged.
The work is testament to this truth, and rare is the Artist who will not admit
after leaving the dream and forgetting that particular dreaming the feeling
"Did I make that?"

Thus the most important and by history clearest statement the artist makes
is the inadvertent statement of the Work of the Self. Time dulls the topical
subject no matter how specific and recognizable, grand or clever, beautiful or
special, rendering the artist's deliberate manipulations unimportant. What
remains and will remain fascinating forever for human beings, consciously or
intuitively, is what of the Artist they recognize caught by the work.

The more successful the artist in escaping this capture
the more quickly the work feels empty, more so for future generations,
no matter how important or popular it was in its day.

Of Van Gogh's Irises no one cares or mourns that they have passed.

There is the creative dream and the transformation of the Artist,
and when this does not happen, then nothing has happened at all.

Artist's CV

Sean Arthur
Fine Artist
Curriculum Vitae

Fine Arts Diploma instruction (theory and studio) Fleming College at Peterborough and Halliburton 1990 - 1995
Diploma Business Administration and Information Systems (three year) Fleming College1998
BA in English and Cultural Studies, Trent University 1983
Instructors have included, amongst others:
Paul Sloggett, Mary McLaughlin, Susan Fisher, Chuck Burns, George Rabb, and Paula Letki
Group Showings
Trent University, from the permanent collection - 1982
Students' Show, Fleming fine arts program - 1992 - 1995
Art and Healing, Peterborough Regional Health Centre - 1993
Kawartha Artists Gallery and Studio, Biannual Members' Shows, - 1992 - 1994
Peterborough Artists' Umbrella - continuous representation - 1992 - 1995
Akin Gallery, Miniatures Shows, December 2003 and 2004
My work hangs in private collections in North America,
and in the permanent collections of the PRHC and Trent University.
Donated originals have raised considerable money for Scouts Canada.

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