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Here are a few new (and a couple old) pieces, finally. Some are commissions, out there already. Still painting...


The Barefoot Boarder

Acrlyic on maple plywood skateboard deck, 2018.


The Barefoot Boarder Verso, 2018.

Acrylic on Maple Plywood Skateboard Deck, reverse, 2018.



Full sheet watercolour. New scan, but painted this quite a long while ago.


Master of the Forest

OMG, look what I found! I made this little 8 x 6 in. Intaglio print in a workshop held by the esteemed Canadian print maker George Raab, back in 1981. Yikes. Not more than maybe 5 prints were pulled, and five artist proofs. Otonabee College, Trent University has one print plus the plate. I believe the other prints were sold or given away.


Finnigan Winston

20 by 20 inch acrylic on canvas 2017


Summer Lilacs 2018

48 x 32 in acrlyic on canvas.


Summer Lilacs 2018 hanging.

Acrylic over my sofa.


Muskoka Chairs, Late Spring Rain
12 x 18 in acrylic on paper 2017


Dwight Beach, Muskoka. "There goes the afternoon."
Acrylic on full sheet watercolour paper, 2017.


Dwight Beach, evening storm.
Digital Print, 2017.


Kitty Kat, Florida Keys
Ink and chalk on sketch paper, 2016.


Celebration Florida, the old Inn.
Acrylic sketch on paper, 2016.


Islamorada Florida, an old fishing place. From when there were fish...
Acrylic sketch on paper, 2016.


Sunset, Gulf Coast, Islamorada Florida.
Acrylic sketch on paper, 2016.

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