Sean Arthur, Ghostwriter
Work Instruction Example Two: Mapping a drive in a
network environment.
What was important in this deceptively simple work instruction was the
need to remain aware of the inexperience of the User, who likely had
never before seen these windows, and the need to similarly avoid any
jargon in the instructions.
2. In the next screen click Disk Management. See below, circled in red.
3. Next, Right-click on the drive in the list that has your USB
stick. It may be called 'Unknown'. In the menu click on
"Change Drive Letters and Paths…" See below:

4. Next, you will have to pick a drive letter that is NOT used already in My Computer.
Click on that letter, as below:
5. And click Yes to confirm. Ignore the warning.
6. When you return to My Computer, your USB stick will now appear next to the
drive letter you assigned. If this does not work, contact Information Systems
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