About Me
Sean Arthur, Ghostwriter
Rather than a biography, which would be fascinating reading for distant relatives and
compulsive readers, I list those things in which I have a personal interest or

Please keep in mind that these are my personal interests, which I reveal in addition to
my professional roles of writer and analyst.

In no particular order:

I am married, to a wonderful woman without whom I would be lost. Have been divorced and remarried. I am a father, a step father and a grandfather.

Community is extremely important to me, but confess I am not a community
leader. I live in a small town, on purpose. I grew up in Toronto, (Ontario,
Canada), perhaps the greatest cosmopolitan city on Earth, and moved to
somewhere quieter and admittedly less exciting but certainly without the Urban
crush, bad air, horrible traffic congestion and violence.
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As a deeply analytical thinker economics fascinates me. I have studied Macro
and Micro economics at the College level and remain fascinated by its
complexity and mathematics, especially when compared to the reality of its
truth and predictive accuracy...which amounts to nearly nil and less than
random. So, confessing this, be warned that any writing about economics by me
will be done entirely professionally while I bite my tongue.

I am a very accomplished home brewer, and I make better beer than
all but the best of the small craft breweries, and have enjoyed hunderds of different types
from all over the world.
Gardening, Home Improvement, Architecture, Urban design

Well, I'm no Jane Jacobs, but I love my Urban Garden, I have owned and
operated a home improvement / maintenance company called Goodhands
Property Maintenance, and I studied architecture and architectural design and
urban planning at one time in my life and remain keenly interested.

I still play competitive men's league hockey, being a Canadian, eh? and golf.
But have less time for the golfing. I can still pound out a 300 yard drive and
split the fairway. So I understand sport and can write about it.
If you have questions, ask. If you want to gauge my level of interest in your
project or a particular subject, just click the link below. I will let you know.
Visual Arts

I have studied fine art, Studio, and have the required courses for my diploma.
For a short time I painted professionally, but refocused on IT so as to pay the bills.
Some of my work is on display in these webpages.
Click this link: Artwork to see some of my art.
I can write about modern and visual art with insight and conviction.