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Sean Arthur,

Hello, I'm Sean Arthur.

I Ghostwrite.

Part analyst, part project manager, all
word-smith, my job is to complete the written
component of your project.

I work with you to clarify ideas, organize
content and create the prose that delivers
your message.

And it almost goes without saying, because
you have hired a Ghostwriter, you own all
the rights. You put your name on the finished
product, while I never reveal my

With years of experience in business, writing
advertizing copy, training and instruction
manuals, web site content and business
proposals, as well as being a published
novelist, I have the experience to help you get
the written words the way you want them.

Whether you need business writing, blogging,
an ebook or larger project, I apply the same
skills and dedication.

I am your Ghostwriter.

Every journey begins with a single step.
Contact me today and tell me about your

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Sean Arthur, Ghostwriter