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Work Instructions
Tech Talk was a
bi-monthly in-house
company news letter I
edited and ghost wrote
for ten years. I
interviewed the
"Columnists" and wrote
in their voice, wrote all
the other content and
created and laid out all
the visuals, including
scans, photographs
and graphics.
Here is an excerpt from
my latest novel, Biology,
the concluion of my
Elements trilogy.

The first, Alchemy, an
ebook, is here
Alchemy by Evelyn Beverley

The second, Chemistry, is
complete and looking for
a home. Sadly it does not
conform to the new format
of my wonderful publisher,
Double Dragon.
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Tech Talk
to see a
Sean Arthur, Ghostwriter
Because ghostwriters sell their work and their anonymity, I have, naturally, no examples to
show, except in this case where copywrite has reverted to me. Click on the Tech Talk and
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